Conversions Hub

Conversions Hub is a end-to-end migration platform that helps organizations in reducing conversion effort during migration of data from legacy systems to more modern platforms with focus on risk minimization and reduced conversion costs. Our migration approach involves combining a highly automated approach with a low-cost workforce and tried & tested tools, enabling organizations in realizing greater certainty in their data migration. Conversions Hub provides three essential benefits of faster conversion, lower cost and improved quality.

Reporting and Analytics

Your business depends on the timely data-driven decisions you make. AD3i Analytics and Reporting solution offers you the capability to look into pre-defined charts as well as custom build your own charts by providing a chart builder and a pre-defined set of KPIs for each vertical. Great visualizations and drill downs can help you pinpoint the exact information you are looking for to gain the edge in the market and beat the competition.

HR Portal

AD3i offers a proactive solution that can help you simplify administration and empower human resource management efforts. HR Portal automates all the HR Activities and employee activities, benefits with more ease and greater control. In addition to tracking the leaves, generating the payroll, providing a mode of communication between HR and the employees, it also provides wide range of dash boards and analytics that provide great insights into your organizations assets.