We provide transformational business impact to the customers by assisting them in articulation of Cloud Strategy, providing Consulting, Implementation and Integration services. We are geared to creating value for customers through deployment of best of breed solutions in this arena.

Salesforce Implementation CRM is the leading on-Demand CRM for your Business that can tremendously improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. AD3i helps small and mid size business with CRM deployment in their organizations. We can help companies make a quick transition to running their sales, customer service and marketing processes to on demand SaaS application. We deliver quality Salesforce implementation services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

AD3i approach
  • We will work with you to evaluate your existing practices and systems, recommend courses of action, develop practices, and create a Sales force implementation strategy
  • We will setup, configure and customize Sales force to support your business needs. Email templates, workflows and approval processes will be created for business process automation. We will create highly effective custom reports and dashboards to give you better insight into your business
  • Often, custom development is required to realize the full potential of We can help you accelerate product development while saving over 70% in costs without compromising quality
    • We will work with you to perform detailed requirements analysis, gap analysis, feasibility studies, and cost analysis of the platform
    • We prototype for early user feedback on functionality, usability, and to validate application design approach. Prototype development can be done within 2 weeks to 4 weeks timeframe depending upon the complexity of product
    • We design & develop user-experience-driven applications that are highly efficient, customizable, and easy to integrate. We practice Agile to deliver a shippable product every two weeks based on our architectural blueprint
    • We package, publish and manage applications on App Exchange for our customers. We offer user training, customization, enhancements, and integration of your product with third-party applications
  • We offer data migration services that include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and import into
  • We will help you integrate Sales force with your existing systems, software created in-house, as well as third-party applications. Ongoing maintenance and continued improvements are critical for the success of a implementation. We offer affordable, reliable support services

Salesforce Implementations includes

  • New Salesforce implementations for sales, marketing and/or customer service departments
  • Self-service portals
  • Knowledge bases
  • Customer portals
  • Partner portals
  • Case management
  • Salesforce Chatter rollouts

Salesforce Integration

Once has been properly implemented and configured to suit a company’s needs, there are numerous ways to enhance the deployment by integrating with other business tools and back-end systems. ERP applications, financial software, marketing automation software, call center services, and more can be integrated with to improve professional efficiency, data integrity, streamline business processes, and reduce maintenance costs. With deep functional insights and capabilities of the underlying platform, we implement Salesforce integration solutions on time, within budget and risk-free manner.

Salesforce Support

We offer affordable, reliable support services. Our flexible support options allow customers to select the most cost-effective plan based on their needs, from part-time remote administrator to full-time support for special projects that occasionally arise, and guarantee minimal risk, and outstanding service.

AD3i Approach
  • We will proactively monitor your Salesforce org, identify areas of improvement, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and create an improvement plan
  • Our ongoing administration and maintenance services include user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance
  • Often, custom development is required to realize the full potential of We have years of experience developing custom features for standard applications
  • End-user adoption is perhaps the most critical success factor in a CRM implementation. We offer comprehensive training and help desk support services to ensure high end-user adoption
Some of the issues we help with
  • User maintenance-adding and modifications, de-activating, password resets, role management, profile management, public groups, queues
  • Security model management -record sharing, accessibility settings, password & session settings, delegated administration
  • Modification to configuration-creation or modification of custom objects, record types, fields, workflows, approval processes, page layouts, custom links and buttons, report types, Apps, tabs, labels, validation rules, assignment rules, auto-response rules
  • Modification of specialized features – Content
  • Modification of standard objects-Ideas, Campaigns, Products, Assets, Contracts, Leads, Account, Opportunities, Activities, Cases, Solutions, Users
  • Analytics support -creation, modification and management of views, reports and dashboards
  • Template support-creation or modification of email templates, mail merge templates, letterhead
  • AppExchange package support-installation, management or removal of AppExchange packages
  • Feature activation requests-extended mail merge, multi-currency
  • Premier Support management -log, review and management requests
  • Data services-import of records not requiring a 3rd party tool; mass transfer; mass delete services
  • Desktop application support-Connect for Microsoft Outlook, Connect for Office, Connect Offline
  • Google Apps-initial set-up, user management and configuration
  • Training-end-user and administrator
How it Works
  • Flexible pricing – Buy blocks of time and get support when you need it (more cost effective than fixed-price models)
  • Flexible service model – Get the same level of service no matter how large or small your business, or how many licenses you have
  • Flexible access – Connect by email, phone, or through our 24 x 7 online customer portal
  • Quick response
  • Personalized attention – Get a dedicated representative who knows your account and provides solutions that are based on our knowing your company’s Salesforce instance
  • Hands-on technical help – Take advantage of our expertise on special technical projects, from APEX development (no code line limits) and data loader issues to the creation of workflow, custom formula fields, and more

Services Offered

Salesforce CRM

If you want to build a CRM with social integration, mobile access, reporting, workflow etc. Our expertise in salesforce will guide you in customizing the salesforce CRM.

Service which we provide
  • Based on the requirement we suggest which Edition to buy
  • We help you in customizing or designing the roles, profiles, accounts
  • We minimize your cost by suggesting specific user licenses as not every role needs all the features
  • We help you in database management along with security settings
  • We help you in building customer and partner portals
  • We help in integrating chatter services for social networking
  • We help you in building workflows, Email notifications and approval processes

ETL Services

If you need access data from different sources and like to store it in a single repository or a data warehouse. can solve your problem at a very fast rate as it is in cloud we have the following advantages, to access the data all we need is network connection and authentication. No need to bother about maintaining servers.

Services which we offer is
  • We help you for creating objects (entities) and building relations among them
  • Creating sandbox and workbench for developers to work on the data (All dml)
  • Extracting the data from several sources and transform them into the format of our database
  • Integrating with other application to access the data

CMS Services

It is very easy to maintain the website if you split the entire content into pieces. Siteforce module of salesforce provides a very rich CMS.

Services which we offer is
  • Creating website, designing templates, webpages
  • Publishing the website and creating users to modify the content
  • Providing user specific security settings
  • Integrating these pages with other DBMS for accessing and feeding the data

Custom App module of Salesforce is the cloud platform for custom application development.

Services which we offer is
  • We help you creating custom application/ applications to service your business need
  • Suggest you for taking Edition and help you in managing user licenses
  • We help you in customizing or designing the roles, profiles, accounts
  • We help you in database management along with security settings
  • Using visual help you in creating web pages and web contents
  • We help you in building customer and partner portals
  • Integrating your application with existing applications
  • We help in integrating chatter services for social networking
  • We help you in building workflows, Email notifications and approval processes