Benefits of Scrum Methodology to Customers

  • Potentially shippable Product delivery after every 2 weeks or 4 weeks
  • Customers can ensure that what they were expecting is what they are getting by monitoring the progress frequently
  • Customer need not to risk for committing and paying the funds without looking at actual progress of the delivery
  • Allows Continual Inspection, adaptation, Self organization, and emergence of innovation
  • As Customers are involved frequent reviews which updates them about the progress, good, bad. Based on the same Customers can change their minds without paying heavy costs
  • Scrum facilitates changing customer requirements. It does this by providing a flexible framework wherein new features can be added and re-prioritizations can take place without negatively affecting the project flow and team’s morale
  • By defining roles for team members it promotes collaboration as well as clear and open lines of communication between the developers, the client and other stakeholders