AD3i Edge

We at AD3i, have been following Scrum-agile development methodology for current ongoing projects as agile development is more fit to offshore collaboration, emphasizes on individual developers, communication and teamwork, which maximally makes up the differences in offshore team collaboration.

Scrum Methodology

AD3i uses Scrum model for process facilitation and wrap it around several agile development techniques for the projects undertaken.

SCRUM is a very general, flexible working methodology, with the ability to be molded and sculpted to fit the needs of different teams, projects, and deliverable goals. Scrum is loosely definable, adaptable best at an organization where goals are changing constantly and customers’ needs greatly influence how the organization distributes tasks. The Scrum methodology adapts to the ever-changing needs of customers and business, and that methodology is yours to do with what you wish.

Diagrammatic Representation

Scrum breaks the project down into stories, allowing the development team to tackle each story as an independent project. The team works on these stories in set time increments, called sprints. For example, a team may be given a two-week sprint to work on a specific story, and a one-month sprint to work on the next, more challenging story.A story with a smaller sprint could be something very simple, like having to correct a typo in a field title.

Every team needs a leader, and Scrum is no exception. With the Scrum methodology, a Product Owner leads the pack, and is responsible for writing stories and setting priorities. The Product Owner creates storyboards with more detailed specs on a project. He or she also sets priorities on what order the team tackles stories in, as well as assigns specific story tasks to each team member.